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What to eat

©Alta Vita Photography


The classic. Served individualy. Locally made 4" corn tortillas, doubled up to keep all the goodness inside. Filled and garnished to order. 

©Alta Vita Photography


Serves one hungry person. Locally-made 10" flour shell, folded and grilled to melt a heap of Monterrey Jack under your choice of fillings.  

If you want a real challenge, order our 14" MEGADILLA. Feeds two hungry people.


red pepper.jpeg


Who needs large chain burritos when you can get large flavor for short bucks? Get our off-the-chain burrito stuffed with hand-crafted goodness, wrapped in a locally-made flour tortilla.





"Do you have guacamole or sour cream?" Nope. That's for other taco trucks. We have scratch made sauces, made with love and a stupidly expensive, industrial-grade food processor. 


Tzat Boi 

  • Unholy hybrid tzatziki sauce, guaranteed to make you say "whaddup."

  • Cucumber/avocado/yogurt

  • Unicycle not included


  • Our flagship hot sauce! (Please don't steal the bottle from the from the truck!)

  • Habanero/Thai Chili/Garlic


Rotating Favorites



  • Habanero/serrano/chipotle/carolina reaper peppers
  • If ¡HAWT! sauce hasn't removed all of your taste buds, apply Reaper sauce. 


  • Tomatillo/cilantro/secrets from ancient scrolls
  • Limited availability, the ancient scrolls require this recipe to be created only during a full eclipse of the moon, lest we unleash unimaginable eldritch horrors. 


  • Chickpeas/garlic/smoke/mirrors/magic
  • Voted better than horked smummus in a taste taste that no one told Josh B. about!
  • "But I like horked smummus...' -Josh B.


  • Pineapple/prickly pear/garlic
  • Almost the same color as the pink goo from The Blob, the 1958 Steve McQueen classic.
  • Probably won't terrorize your town. Probably.


Sides, beverages, and desserts rotate. Check out the schedule for the current menu!