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What is flagsmash?

It’s really more of an approach to tacos.
— Jaime Gonzales - owner
There's probably a really fancy marketing way to say that Flagsmash is a celebration of tasty food from around the world, crammed into a tortilla; but we're better at cooking the food than we are at talking about it. We believe that great flavors come from all cultures, and regardless of origin, they all belong in a taco. Probably with hot sauce too. It's the American Way!

Meet the Owner

 Jaime Gonzales, owner, founder, chief bottle washer ©Alta Vita Photography

Jaime Gonzales, owner, founder, chief bottle washer ©Alta Vita Photography

 One day, after getting fed up with his cubicle job, Jaime Gonzales wrote "I QUIT" on a sticky back note, left it on his boss's desk, and walked out the door following the sweet, sweet smell of freedom.

Turns out that freedom smells an awful lot like tacos.

Inspired by his own family, a mixture of ethnic backgrounds and influences, Jaime wanted to create food that he would want to serve to his own family and friends. Flagsmash was born from the great power that food has to bring people from all over the world together. 

We believe that now, more than ever, the world needs a little more love, understanding, and togetherness. We're doing our part one taco at a time. 

Jaime has three kids, a lovely companion, and the #bestdog

If it tastes good, put it in a taco.
— Jaime Gonzales - Owner